Social Media Promotion for Restaurants using Photography, Google Virtual Tours & Facebook

Done Right, Social Media Promotion will personalize your business.  It will entice customers to visit, experience your space and your menu.

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Ravello Bar & Grill, an upscale Italian Restaurant, opens in Uptown Whittier

Owner Michael Burkhardt and Executive Chef Carlos Escalante want to welcome you to the newest edition to the Uptown Whittier restaurant scene.   We’ve drawn our inspiration from the famous Tratorias along the Almalfi coast and added a little touch of California.

Our ever changing menu features fresh, locally sourced ingredients, homemade pastas, Neapolitan style brick-oven baked pizzas, oak-wood grilled meats, fresh seafood and decadent desserts.   Take a virtual look at this exciting new space, then come on down for the best dining experience in the city.

This is an example of what we recommend for restaurants and retail businesses.

  • First we do an online assessment of what your business looks like in a search, what your customer see’s.
  • If you look at the intro to this post, we use conversational language to engage your customers  and tell your story. It’s very important to personalize your business.
  • Next we optimize your Google Knowledge Graph and Maps listing for your business type
  • Then, we create a 360 Virtual Tour that allows customers to view your business 24/7 from any device. It resides on your Google Business Knowledge Graph & Google Maps.  We also recommend adding the tour to your Website, and as a Tab on your Facebook Business Page.  The more signals your business creates, the better your visibility.  Below you’ll find a great example of a Google 360 Tour, take a moment to explore the space.  This is a fantastic way for customers to assess your space for a company dinner, an upcoming special event, or just a night out on the town.

      Click anywhere on the image below to activate the Virtual Tour & Explore

  • Just as important, high quality Interior Photography of your space & Food Photography will showcase and promote your business in Google Search, your Website, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp . . . and any other social media property you use.


We like to create an Image Library for our clients so they have access to a constant stream of dynamic images to promote and showcase both the space and their menu items

Interior & Food Photography Samples

  • And finally we process a standalone panorama for Facebook’s new interactive 360 timeline feature.  You can add this to your timeline for Special Promotions, Events, or just as a reminder that stands out from the competition.