Photography & Digital Marketing for Google Business, Websites and Social Media

 Change is happening in online marketing faster than the average business owner can adapt. If you cant be found, you'll never make the sale! A premium listing from Google includes a number of services that will prominently display in Google Search, Google Maps, Google Earth and Google's "Knowledge Graph of Your Business":

Google Premium Upgrade

A 5 Pano, 360°  StreetView Virtual Tour of your business,  ** Additional Pano’s available for $40 each

An assessment of your online business presence

We will Upgrade and Setup your Premium Maps Listing on Google

Integrated Dashboard with your monthly business stats

Links and Instructions on how-to integrate your tour into your existing website & social media

Add your logo / or brand image to your Business Maps Listing

Google Complete Package

10 Pano, 360°  StreetView Virtual Tour of your business,  ** Additional Pano’s available for $40 each

Everything in the Premium Upgrade Package

In addition to an optimized Google listing, we’ll check your business listings on Yelp, Bing Maps and Apple Maps and help you make any necessary corrections.

8 ~ 10 high-resolution detail, exterior, and interior shots to give your Website, Google, Yelp, Bing Maps, and your Apple Maps listings a professional look

Add a Virtual Tour Tab to your FaceBook Business Page

We’ll convert one pano for your use in FaceBooks new 360 photos feature

1/2 Day Photo Shoot

Create a Library of Images for your Business

3.5 Hour Session




Full Day Photo Shoot Full Day

Create a Library of Images for your Website, Menu & Social Media

8 Hour Session


Social Media Content



Social Media / SEO Advertising

$360 up front & $199 mo

Google Complete Package Shoot

Optimize your, Google, Yelp, Bing Maps, and Apple Maps listings

Optimize your, FaceBook Business Page for Advertising

Second Shoot Day dedicated to creating a library of Food Shots and Restaurant Details for your FaceBook, Instagram and other Social Media Posts

Convert Two pano's for your promotional use on Facebook 360

Create Five Promotional Ads Each Year

Upgrade to $360 mo for Monthly Ads