Construction Time-Lapse Roof Replacement in Los Angeles

Social Media, Website Photography & Promotion isn’t restricted to restaurants and retail shops.  Service, Remodeling and Construction businesses can also benefit immensely from job site photography showcasing your work.  Remember, most customers don’t understand the amount of preparation and work involved in most service and construction jobs.  If you can visually demonstrate the process, your attention to detail and expertise, along with before and after images, your half way to the sale.

This was a time-lapse demonstration, photographed for a local roofing company.  The job was to tear off and remove the deteriorating shake roof, prep and sheath it with plywood, and re-roof with modern composite roofing materials.  Construction Photography took place over a four day period utilizing a drone. Various stages were chosen to showcase the progression, and edited into a time-lapse slide show and video that can be used on the company’s Facebook Timeline, Website, as well as YouTube and Instagram.