Google Virtual Tours – Automotive Social Media Photography and Promotion

Here’s an example of Automotive Social Media Photography and Promotion using Google Business Virtual Tours and re-purposing them for Facebook, Website and Social Media Promotion.  We upgraded a large automotive dealership’s Google Maps and Facebook 360 Listings.   We began the Virtual Tour with an Aerial Panorama to showcase the scale and large inventory of the of Puente Hills Toyota.  You can spin and zoom the 360 image for a great visual of the property.  Clicking on the arrow, zooms you in the front seat of a new Prius, one of Toyota’s hottest selling cars.  From there customers can click on the arrows and tour the entire dealership, including parts, rentals, the customer waiting areas, service and their body shop.

This is how a Virtual Tour appears on your Google Maps Listing, a Google Search, and the Google Knowledge Graph of your business

Control your online presence with a library of images featuring your business and products

The dealership recently updated exterior and interior signage. We recommend creating a Library of Still Images for use on your Website, Facebook Business Page, Instagram and other social media advertising.  Keeping control of your online image is always important, and having a good library of images showcasing your business strengths helps keep your image fresh.

Adding your Virtual Tour to your Website and Facebook Business Page will increase your Visibility and Engagement

Once your Google Virtual Tour is published we can create enhanced versions that live on your Website and Facebook Business Page to expand your reach and visibility.  With these enhanced tours we can add your company logo, advanced navigation menus, hot spot links to monthly specials, information panels and video links for your business advertising and promotions. This makes it easy for customers to navigate and explore your property, keep them engaged longer and allows you to showcase your business and add personalized promotions.  Click on the full screen icon in the upper right and explore some of the features available.

And finally, we extracted a couple of panoramas for use on the company’s Facebook 360 Timeline.  Here we took the Prius Interior and converted it for the new FB360 format.  Businesses can use these 360 panoramas in their timelines to showcase your space, promote an event or special sale, or just to stand out from the average timeline post.

Want more info on adapting these strategies to your business?  Call or Email, we’d love to talk about helping you market your business more effectively.